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KOK president bible: "The Deer" Let us review the masterpiece Shadowbane summer tour, 3D films online "Deer" will be held July 22 beta. Swim CEO Wang Tao, when in an interview recently that "" The Deer "round me in the" Shadowbane "hero on the unfulfilled dream of," The Deer "in the founding of the city, union battle in many ways and then the" Shadowbane "there are similarities, so many associations had a kind of return to the old players," Maken "-like feel." referring to the famous dance Mieshi online guild KOK, KOK mieshi dance was year in the "Shadowbane" the backbone of the major server. KOK mieshi dance guild, the domestic online game industry leader KOK Society bible today, said: "" The Deer "Let us return if" Maken ", found the share of long-lost touched."

"The Deer" Let us revisit the joy of the game the most essential

"Deer" the dream continues Shadowbane

KOK Association mieshi dance today as the largest cross-country integrated online game club, with more than 14 million registered members, involving dozens of online games worldwide and have achieved remarkable results. Many members of the guild is "Shadowbane" loyal players, "Maken" give them too many feelings and memories, then the "Shadowbane" made a brilliant record is passed down for many players between his brother's wife. "Shadowbane" came as a decade, but still was concerned about the global players of online games, it's high quality has been recognized by global players, it has been said: "" Shadowbane "created a decade of classic, ten After years of no "Maken". "

"Shadowbane" so full of flash memories

Sohu tour by the four-year $ 80 million dollars to build the 3D cinematic gaming "Deer", so "Shadowbane" has been to extend the classic, tour CEO Wang Tao was responsible for domestic "Shadowbane" operations, he For "Shadowbane" a thorough understanding of deep, he himself is a veteran of "Shadowbane" players. He said, "Maken" then many of the innovations and play at the time were too far ahead, so many Chinese players can not accept. The "Deer" project since the beginning of positioning to create a like "Shadowbane" as the epoch-making masterpiece, in a sense can be regarded as martial arts version of "Maken." After four years of sword, "The Deer" come in the last round of Wang Tao, "Maken" hero on the unfulfilled dream.

"Deer" will continue the unfinished dream of Shadowbane

"Deer" classic heritage Shadowbane

With the CEO Wang Tao also has a swim, "Maken" feelings of the players are also many, KOK mieshi dance guild "KOK Double Dutch" is such a veteran, "Maken" players, but also "The Deer "loyal player, he led the KOK Association Also in" The Deer "has made irreplaceable impressive record. He recalled: "At the time," Maken "is often a battle to last 5,6 hours. Heroism and the cult of personality here have become empty, level, equipment, these personal factors are also no longer important, each person's battlefield decision to play a key victory in a battle, this is not a battle but the whole team coordination and cooperation between. "

"Shadowbane" real and brutal war

CEO saw the tour after the interview, Wang Tao, KOK bible and many friends and chat the matter, he said his career in the game for many years a lot of contact with gaming masterpiece, these works have with their outstanding characteristics, but not a can be like "Shadowbane" as left and countless moving. "Deer" appearance, before they seem to have found the first move, many times they are fun when they inadvertently think of rivers and lakes of "Shadowbane", that is the most essential pleasure from the game.

"Deer" infinite set of classical tradition

Mieshi dance (KOK) Society and "The Deer"

KOK contact with hieroglyphics, he repeatedly referred to "Maken" huge, free design has been obsessed with them for many players, players are free to build cities, the development of cities, and even the establishment of national, large-scale national war is even more team awareness and combat with the perfect combination. "The same number, same equipment, and implement the tactical intent to obey the command is the most important, no one can face alone the dozens or even hundreds of people of common attacks assault when a man rushed into the enemy's camp is dead But dozens of people with assault, your best ally is your shield. "

"Maken" is the team with the perfect combination of awareness and combat

"Deer" outside the domain of self-built city on the planet system and a good continuation of the gang system, "Maken" the classic setting, players can create their own heart of the city, according to their own preferences for urban development. Gang members, you can try to develop associations of industry, technology, business, military, agriculture and other areas, enjoy to create the strongest associations. The server-based seamless connectivity across the world unlimited service, even to give them a same stage together with the National Association of opportunity, rivers and lakes dominate rival in a week of intense fighting staged. KOK bible said that the gang involved in large-scale fighting, there would always inadvertently think of "Shadowbane" At the time of tension and excitement, thanks to "The Deer" gang war fought to bring them pleasure and team pride.

"Deer" to bring us pleasure and a strong team pride fighting

Turning to the year in the "Shadowbane" full of memories of the time, KOK bible said that apart from large-scale war outside the country, "Maken" is abnormal stimulation of PK, PK, without any limitation set is as cruel as the real real world. "Usually when Daguai may face at any time to kill the enemy or even stranger, sometimes assassin sneak attack, sometimes the enemy team will face the raid, which as in" The Deer "," Dragon dig the environment "when The situation is very similar to, leveling the time to separate the part of the energy used to guard against the enemy, always beware of the hostile camp of harassment, players always have a rapid heart beat feeling. "" The Deer "by adding a small amount of protection rules, but also for cities, associations between the competition between the players become more reasonable, players will not change because of the failure of a war ruin, so that novice players and small associations also have a full living space.

"Shadowbane" You are never fighting alone

Chatting about the game screen, KOK bible said, "The Deer" game screen so accustomed to seeing gaming masterpiece of they feel themselves, in many critical games for the Society's elite enthusiasts is the screen, "deer Ding mind "skills and brilliant lighting effects to the popular favorite, especially the lovely pet shapes and cartoon style is a lot of female players to win the hearts and minds. KOK bible, said: "" Shadowbane "screen is very good at the time, and" The Deer "game screen is more in line with the standards of today's gaming masterpiece, especially the game's high-definition 3D animation is to see so many members of the Association After all hooked. "

"Deer" has a wealth of family function and the gang system

As a masterpiece to become a world-class online game, "Deer" has been well-known game recognized by the Association, the players recognized are more determined, "Deer" adhere to the world within the next decade, the quality of the line masterpiece . July 22, "The Deer" the official beta, all players will accept the test.

"Deer" game fully integrated technology and art of film

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