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On tonight! "Dragon 2" first 76.8-fold kickball "Dragon 2" "to benefit a summer" since beta, 1.2 times the longest history of experience in reward to upgrade the crazy people are hooked; tonight, a new round of in turn set off a frenzy of experience, a full 76.8 times the high experience bonus for flagship program "swept Peony Bowl - Kickball Competition" attracted everyone's attention again. Not only that, after additional full-service counter-attack, but also sent out of print mount lightning mink, the most "to benefit" the night is coming!

Today Recommended Server:

Telecom's an area Quyuanfenghe [Boats] [] [] [bamboo lengthy wandering unmatched in the world] []

China Netcom, a district [Indus] [rain] [lotus pond] unparalleled in the world

Settled in the new service in leveling game, receiving heavy RMB Hao Li N, 76.8 times Sunday martial arts experience to create a myth!

Tonight, kickball carnival there or be square!

76.8-fold, beyond the imagination of kickball feast

"Peony Bowl sweep" Kickball Competition has always been a "Dragon 2" No I do not know where the ace of activities, not only because of its high experience reward, but also because it is 100% drop of the precious "Xinmang rune." And this night, kickball welfare doubled again, in the original experience plus over 16 times, can also receive free admission one hour NPC there double time experience, plus 1.2 times the experience of reward and leveling holy. " mysterious silver bullets "of the blessing, 76.8 times the high hand experience much easier it!

To play? The first application!

Kickball big strange, I'm coming!

Upgrade to enjoy this golden carnival tonight 19:00, do not forget to come to be - as long as your entry level role with a 6 Heart have reached 30, can be composed of 3 or more teams, in Luoyang City of Tong Guan (204,57), Dali City Xiaqing Qing (282,94), or the city of Suzhou in Qianqian (187,147) at the challenge!

Super Meng lightning mink, want it?

Full-service counter-attack, the battle horse out of print

If the experience of reward and 76.8-fold Need Artifact Materials "Xinmang rune" can not satisfy your appetite, then the thrilling full-service "counter-attack" will definitely give you the enjoyment of battle! After each kickball game, it will randomly appear in a wild scene, a team Khitan assassins, composed of three or more teams to beat them, vast amounts of experience, and equipment to strengthen the essential material Glyph "golden silk", and out of print mount Lightning mink on the go you!

Come the most "to benefit" kickball night!

It is 76.8 times the high heart racing experience rewards, intense stimulation, feedback rich full-service "counter-attack", this night, destined to be a sleepless night. 19:00 tonight, kickball contest, we there or be square!






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