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Players experience the game: how to play well, "Battlefield OL" in talks "Battlefield OL" game experience before, I need a simple introduction to the game: "Battlefield OL (BattlefieldOnline)" Sohu tour (more companies) launch of the first FPS online game from Korean game company Neowiz with EA to develop, but also the EA classic FPS game "Battlefield" series online. Game centers around the interests of the Empire and Commonwealth struggle to start the player can experience not only small-scale sports team battle, battle, and also hundreds of people to experience the shock of war team, join at any time accompanied by 99 people at any time, in addition Hornet fighters, M1A2 tanks , Hummer jeep, H-1Z helicopters and other powerful vehicles can always be your weapons of war, so you always at the peak of excitement, to experience the true limits of one-man operation!

"Battlefield OL" s Topics>>>>

Then how to play well, "Battlefield OL" it? I will be the career choice, the use of weapons, the team with several aspects by the members talk about!

Career choice

"Battlefield OL" traditional FPS games with the same two camps - the Federal and Empire, but there are different, that is, players can choose their occupation, such as snipers, anti-tank soldiers, engineers, medic. Killed after each time the player can choose their party positions occupied by the resurrection, and can re-select a new career.

There are a variety of tactics in the game for players to develop their own journey, that combat mode is not fixed, you can be a reasonable allocation of these large professional combat missions, so as to achieve the widest range of defense and the most efficient output. Take small series, I like the role of snipers, in that distant and hidden places of the enemy eleven headshot is my greatest pleasure, however, the fun sometimes released by the enemy unmanned reconnaissance aircraft fire coax God! Have to say, the sniper is a matter of both love and hate the job!

In addition to snipers, the players according to personal preferences, you can also choose anti-tank soldiers, engineers, medic. Based on occupational characteristics, the nature of work to do this is the basic premise. If you are anti-tank soldiers, then your task is struck when the enemy tanks, destroyed eleven tanks, rescue his teammates from untold miseries; and as engineering, mine clearance and mine is your main duties; and medic, by definition is act as the team's "nanny" for the treatment of injured teammates, but remember we must have shot at his teammates arrived within 15 seconds, with the hands of the defibrillator to revive! This makes the game a real sense of high experience, players really have exposure to the smoke of the battlefield, feeling, and death to resurrection of the way, letting the player back to the fun of the game were.


Weapons for FPS games, its importance is self-evident, when the layout of bombs, sniper rifle when using the remote and under what circumstances to switch knives Shouren enemy, etc., are very particular about. If you are an old bird played FPS games for many years, you naturally in the "Battlefield ol", like a duck, because you have enough awareness and proper use of weapons to switch weapons experience. For the first play FPS game novice, the game is not quite that difficult, as long as you try in the novice training seriously, then in actual combat, you can also contempt for all!

I like the sniper or in the example, only my arms and hands to wear single-shot rifles of a pistol, so I will try to do the enemy a dead life, but this is quite difficult, we all know . In dealing with moving targets, its degree of difficulty is higher, coupled with their limited attack of ballistic technology, its own characteristics, so it normally takes two shots to the opponent down. In the face suddenly appeared in front of the enemy, you have to switch to pistol, to walk through the battle with the enemy face to face. In addition, as anti-tank soldiers, you have the effective use of the hands of only six anti-tank missiles, and engineers need to treasure in the hands of five anti-tank mines, so that eyesight!


As we all know, a team game, not an individual will be able to save the world, especially in such as Battlefield this real battlefield, a link failure may result in side crashes. If you play in the camp commander or a sub-captain is the identity, then you can summoned, and you need to achieve the aim is to make full use of fire support, materials, supplies and other battlefield command to grasp opportunities.

"Battlefield" Although there are many occupations, but each can act as human shields is a professional, because this is no hierarchy at all, no one said thick blood, so the only reasonable tactic to win. In addition to the author as a sniper hidden in the teammates around elimination of the enemy, the terrain around have always used their own cover or grass, only to preserve their teammates can do for the maximum output, providing them with more cover. When the invasion of enemy tanks, anti-tank soldiers should go upstream; the face of the head of the enemy fighters, udarnik must have eyesight; and as a medic, you should have the courage to face the hail of bullets, into the war front, to save his teammates from untold miseries!

These are just my play "Battlefield OL" when the bit experience, deep said, feeling a lot of pressure as a sniper, have to endure loneliness. Another point is that the face of those lively scene of Capture the Flag points are not jealous, the only way to give the opponent a heavy psychological pressure, impede or even destroy the opponent's attempt to hit the enemy at the same time help to maximize one's own to get the final victory .

FPS Battlefield series as a landmark for, visit the online version of a strong China, with its strong will power and a strong market for Chinese players appeal to change the traditional concept of FPS games and FPS games to establish a new standard. Prior to the industry insiders believe that part of China FPS era has not really come true, and in 2011 also considered the FPS in China, so swim to EA "Battlefield OL" into China can be described confidence.









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